Ai assisted dispensing system

  • Cutting-edge digital solutions for the eyewear sector’s next era.
  • Empower Eyecare Together, Our goal is to democratize digital advancement for optical stores
  • Enhancing sales through innovations like PD measurement and beyond

Technology that augments scientific dispensing, Aids to sales process & improve conversions

1.Quick and convenient dispensing procedure

2.User-friendly tool for all optical shop consultants

3.Powered with AI technology for accurate measurement

4.Utilize a tablet in-store to measure PD (pupillary distance), fitting height, pantoscopic tilt, and vertex distance

5.Eliminates horizontal parallax error

6.No need for Clip on device for measurement

7.Contactless operation Supports multiple languages

8.Compatible with 11-inch Android devices

1. Increase conversion rates within the store

2.Create your own marketing material collection, modify and update at any time, instantly push to all devices under your management

3.Never miss time-sensitive promotional materials in the stores

4.Quick and easy introduction of new products and features

5.Track the usage of promotional materials on each device, analyze sales conversion rates

6.Track measurements conducted on each device

7.Monitor activities in each shop, align with sales key performance indicators (KPIs)

8.Personalized branding

9.Manage licenses independently (assign, reassign, terminate)

  • Keep tabs on measurements taken per device
  • Oversee operations in every store, in line with sales KPIs.
  • Customize branding, digitally allocate promotions, and monitor their effectiveness

Utilize digital dispensing for faster, more accurate service. Offer personalized virtual try-ons(upcoming) to engage customers.

Fight competition & Stay ahead with online orders and remote consultations tailored to evolving preferences